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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Doing the Happy Dance!

I am so excited, thrilled, and honored to have been chosen to be part of the Center Stage Spotlight Design Team for Gina K Designs. I nearly fainted when I opened the e-mail from Gina K inviting me to be part of the Center Stage Spotlight Team for the September release. Now here is the funny part -- I was SO excited, but I couldn't tell anyone associated with stamping because it needed to be officially announced by Gina before we could breathe a word of it. So, I decided to share it with my husband. Now, my husband is a wonderful, caring man and he is very supportive of my "stamping habit." However, he had not a clue what a Center Stage Spotlight Design Team was! He tried very hard to be happy for me, but just between you and me, I still don't think he really understands it! LOL! I didn't really care that he didn't get it -- I just had to tell someone who wouldn't spill the beans to anyone who would understand it and I knew he most certainly wouldn't since he doesn't know anyone who would care!

I will be joining five other very talented women (see links to their blogs on the side bar) and the Gina K Designs Design Team in showcasing previews of the new stamp sets that will be released on October 1. We will also have cards to share at the release party that night. More details on the previews and release party later.

Thanks for listening to my news! Sorry I didn't have a card to share this afternoon. I do have one that I'm planning to share here later tonight or tomorrow. I'm just waiting to get a decent photo of it. I take my card photos outside and we are having a very much needed rainy day here so I have to wait until the rain stops to get a photo! One of these days I really need to get one of those Ott lights so I have good lighting for taking indoor photos!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Theresa Momber said...

LOL. They just don't understand, do they? I'm so glad the secret is out and thrilled to have you joining the team this month!!!

Jennie said...

So excited for you Kay! You are doing just awesome :o)